Club Leadership - The Rainier Club

Club Leadership

Continuing the Legacy

The Rainier Club Board of Trustees is an elected body of hardworking and passionate members who volunteer their time and talents to ensure the vitality and forward momentum of the Club. These Board members and their committees work together to develop relevant and engaging programs and activities that foster social interaction, stimulate conversations and enrich the continued growth of ideas.

Brian Wineke
Darlene Corkrum
Bryce Seidl
Immediate Past President 
Jane McConnell
Richard Bangert II
Treasurer, VP of Finance
One Year Term–2017
Catherine Gibson
Deborah Wakefield
VP of Programs
Lisa Mayfield
Susan Peterson
Richard Wortley
Two Year Term–2018
Margaret Breen
Sterling Coyle
James Duncan
Chip Hellar
John Pangrazio
VP of Operations
Three Year Term–2019
Eric Breidenbach
Scott Wasner
Kristiina Hiukka
Martin Steele
Ben Straughan