The Historic Foundation - The Rainier Club

The Historic Foundation

Preserving History

The Rainier Club's elegant mansion was recognized by the City of Seattle as a historic landmark in 1986. In order to preserve the Clubhouse for centuries to come, members founded the Rainier Club Historic Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization.


The heritage, elegance and vitality of The Rainier Club building is a public benefit to the Seattle community. The Foundation ensures the Club continues to benefit future generations by providing targeted monies beyond accumulated funds reserved by The Rainier Club for capital maintenance purposes to maintain and enhance the physical facilities of the Clubhouse. The Foundation’s goal is to build and maintain reserve funds to grant in specific ways reserved for the historic building conservation easement.


Since 1996, over 600 donors have given or pledged more than $2,800,000 to the Historic Foundation. These funds have contributed to the following: 

·         Kitchen remodel, 1999

·         A portion for the earthquake insurance deductible, 2001

·         An infrastructure engineering study, 2004

·         Building systems, plumbing and HVAC repairs, 2004-2007

·         Renovation of elevators, 2005

·         Masonry restoration, 2007

·         Historic Wood window repair and 1904 sand stone sills replacement, 2017

The Heritage Society

A donor to the Historic Foundation may become a member of the Heritage Society upon gifts or pledges totaling $1,000 or more. Multiple gifts over time are considered cumulative for recognition purposes. Membership in the Society is open to all members of The Rainier Club and to the public. Heritage Society members are recognized by their level of cumulative contribution on a plaque displayed in the Clubhouse and are given special recognition at a donor recognition celebration.

Join the Heritage Society and give the gift of preservation. To learn more call 206.296.6865 or contact