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General Information

A Bridge to Seattle's Past and Future

In the rough and tumble days of Seattle in 1888, a trio of business pioneers and visionaries—Thomas Burke, William Peters and John Leary—established The Rainier Club. Their civic-mindedness was fueled by the desire to have a private place where they and other leaders of the community could entertain, socialize and do business.

Now, 128 years later, the Club still serves its original capacity, but in a much improved style and setting. The mansion on Fourth and Columbia has housed The Rainier Club for over a century. As a private social club, this elegant sanctuary has been a home-away-from-home to thousands of business executives, civic leaders, artists and cultural dignitaries.

The Club's diverse men and women members reflect the thought leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents of our modern community. The organization they represent stands as a bridge to Seattle's past and future—a gathering place for exchanging ideas, building relationships and brokering business that will continue to shape the character and direction of our city, the region and the world.